We are running the Colfax Half Marathon for the S.A.S cause.
Here is our mission!
We are running to raise $750 before Memorial Day to supply gear and equipment to a Special Forces team of 12 that deploys in the near future. Here is what they need:

Individual Water purification systems (X 12)


“This item is extremely important in a third world country due to the fact that the Detachment will be conducting long range patrols in hazardous environments. These water filters are small enough where each man is able to carry one in his bug out bag, so if somebody was ever in a position where he had to evade and escape, this would be the most important item in his bag. The soldier would be able to get clean water where ever he finds himself while trying to get back to safety or to his base.”

Mosquito Net X 12.



“Deploying to a third world country has its obstacles and insects and poisonous animals are definitely an issue. We currently do not have any mosquito netting on the team, and each Detachment member is prepared to purchase this item on their own. However, I thought that this would be one item where other members down the road would also benefit from. Whether we are on our own FOB, or on one of the many extended long range patrols we will be conducting, this item will definitely be used on a daily basis along with our Cots.”

LOWA Military All-terrain Boot (X 2 pair)



“As a team, we decided on this brand of boot. We all purchased our own pairs, except for our two newbies to the team. Is there a way your organization would consider purchasing just two of these boots for these guys? We picked these boots because they hold up in all kinds of terrain, and the flexible leather upper requires no break-in. They are waterproof They provide climate control comfort in warmer temperatures, wetter conditions, or more intense physical activity.”