Support A Soldier First Quarter

The first quarter of 2019 was a record for Support A Soldier with over $100,000 in funds being utilized toward equipment requests from deployed troops worldwide. These items will help our troops to be better equipped thereby making them safer and/or more effective at their jobs. The service members asked for better packs and boots, wrist-mounted GPS systems and protective eyewear, headlamps and Camelbaks. We received requests from troops with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan, Marines in Africa, and Air Force Airmen in Kuwait. Support A Soldier is honored to consider requests from any branch of the U.S. military.
Support A Soldier endeavors to assist our brave service men and women who are right now on the front lines of the fight in places like Afghanistan and Syria, Africa and Central America. We are unique in our mission to assist the troops still serving in hostile areas of the world, continuing the struggle in the Global War on Terror. We can only accomplish our mission to assist them through donations from patriots like you. Please consider making a donation to Support A Soldier to help our courageous service members get the mission critical equipment they need to be ready for the fight.