We have received the helmets and they are EXACTLY what we’ve needed. Like the GPSs you sent to us, they were sent out on mission almost immediately. I am still somewhat in disbelief that we were able to find someone to help us out on this. I thought due to our request being so expensive, it was not realistic for us to ask for. On behalf of my team, I’d like to thank your organization and associates for the exceptional amount of support you’ve provided to us and other troops. You have raised the bar and set the example for what support is.
SrA Armstrong
We received both the tactical backpacks and headlamps. Thank you very much! they guys are very grateful for our generosity. We have been very busy lately, have been rocketed everyday for the last week. Hopefully we can end this very soon. Take care and God Bless.
SFC Sandoval
Your support and generous donation is very much appreciated. The garmin GPS that were purchased for the team will be put to great use. Their speedy ability to acquire an exact satellite fix is the extra edge the team may need to accomplish the mission.
JW- ‘Special Forces’ Team Sergeant
I want to thank the ‘Support A Soldier’ organization for your generosity in filling our requests. The Rino GPS and the STOMPI medical packs are being put to very good use. As requested, we will leave the gear for the next rotation that follows us. Currently it is cold here with rain and snow. It makes it tougher for our convoys but it also means less attempts at attacks when the weather is bad. It is still dangerous on the roads tho, and we still find IED’s every time we go out. Sometimes I wish the enemy would show their face so we could do our job and come home.
The BlackHawk Tactical Nomex Gloves are Awesome….. exactly what we needed and we applaud the people that have donated to this cause. I can not thank you enough.
Sgt Powell