Support A Soldier is having a very good year helping our deployed service members get the gear they need to be safer, more effective, and more comfortable in their austere environments. The requests have been coming in from all over the world – Helmand Province, Afghanistan; Camp Dalhke, Afghanistan; and Mosul, Iraq. One of the most specific requests SaS has received this year was from an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team getting ready for their deployment later this year.  " During our pre-mission train-up, the gear Support-A-Soldier has supplied is making our jobs easier to do; with more concentration on the task at hand and less focus on kit." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What does "support" mean?

The men and women of our military and veteran families are making the ultimate sacrifice for America everyday. The idea that U.S. Military leadership provides an in disposable stability to the globe is now a fixture to our global strategy and our foreign policy.  There are several ways to show your "support" and give back by either donating money, volunteering with us, or giving some insight on upcoming events that SAS could participate in.  

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